Another 3-day detox is in my future….

Ok, so it’s January 4 and it seems a lot of people are interested in my previous post, “I just completed a 3-day detox / raw vegan diet and LIVED.”

(It was a 3-day Kaeng Raeng detox and actually kind of liked it.)

This blog doesn’t get more than a couple hits a day, and while that one has consistently been one of my most popular posts…  yesterday that post alone got 141 hits.


That’s a lot of people feeling the need to hit the reset button.

I wanted to do the detox last year to help jump start me on my weight loss and kick start some better eating habits. Did it work? Yeah, for a while… but I am back on “the sugar” again, and I am feeling the need for another detox. I tried doing it a couple months ago without quitting sugar first… and I had to stop after the first day because I had such bad headaches!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am sure there will be some kind of confection involved to celebrate… but on Sunday I am going to try the no sugar thing again. Last time I detoxed I did 3 days with no sugar leading up to it — I’ll do that again and go for Kaeng Raeng detox #2!

I’ll keep you posted.

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It Ain’t Over: 100 Pounds Overweight, Susan Kleiner Refused To Be Weighed Down

It Ain’t Over: 100 Pounds Overweight, Susan Kleiner Refused To Be Weighed Down

It Ain’t Over: 100 Pounds Overweight, Susan Kleiner Refused To Be Weighed Down.

This is my friend Susan, and she is really inspiring. She was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post. Go Susan!

You can also visit her blog about her journey here:

Weighting Around

Weighting Around

I’m sitting here thinking: there’s so much I want to post about… and stuff keeps happening! I’ve been so busy. I’m frustrated that I haven’t had the time to sit down and write a few words and post a few photos. Anywho… recently:

  • I participated in the May 5th EIF Revlon Run/Walk in NYC
  • my husband and I have been watching “The Weight of the Nation” on HBO and we’ve both been re-energized to get this weight off
  • I finally “finished” the garden (well… just about)
  • I made a decision about eating meat vs. not — at least for now

EIF Revlon Run/Walk

I’m so glad I participated in an event where so many thousands of people came out to support loved ones with cancer…I really had a great day. But it was no way as physically taxing as I thought it would be! With all the people there, it wasn’t like I could speed walk — besides, I was walking and talking with cousins and my brother along the way. I will say that the walk back to my car (about 30 city blocks) in 35 minutes was much more of a workout.

Before the start of the walk, in Times Square

My team, Deirdre’s Darlings, is wearing the green shirts

Turning onto Central Park South from 7th Avenue

Team photo at the finish line — I’m on the right in the white shirt.

The Weight of the Nation

I have, in the last 15 or so years when my weight has been up and down, really only thought about the health effects of obesity in passing. Diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure… these things have never seemed to be tangible to me. But simply — this series on HBO has made me see things in a different way. I’m only halfway through viewing the 4-part series, but it’s really making me think about healthy food choices vs. unhealthy food choices in a whole new way. It really hit my husband too, and we’ve both resolved to help each other stay on track.


It took me about 4 hours on two previous Sundays and over 4 hours this past Sunday — but I finally have my little garden in the ground. The only thing I have left to do is finish the fence to keep the bunnies and hopefully squirrels away. Why did it take me so long? We had a creeping vine removed from the side of the shed where the garden is, and all throughout the ground where I had pictured my garden was a horrible network of roots. One really wonderful aspect of all that work? It was a great workout.

the (almost) finished garden…from the top: one row of cukes, one row of peppers, then 4 rows of tomatoes

I spent hours and hours pulling this stuff out of the ground

Parsley will stay in a pot… It’s coming along pretty well

Lettuce? maybe!

I was so tired at the end of the day that I decided not to go for planting carrots or peas or lettuce. The garden is smaller than I had envisioned it, but I could not stand the prospect of pulling out one more root. On a whim I decided to put lettuce in this pot. I just threw a bunch of seeds in. I think they’re coming up. If it gets bigger I guess I’ll have to make the plot bigger so I can transplant them! Crap.

my “helper”

To Eat or Not to Eat… Meat

In my quest for recipes and health information and inspiration, I have been trying to figure out if I wanted to stay vegetarian after Lent. I’ve also talked a lot with my trainer about the pluses and minuses of animal-based protein…and, after many hands-on attempts to get a healthy low-carb (or no carb) dinner for myself + something for my daughter (and hubby if he is home) on the table in a half hour… I have decided that, at least for now, I am going to continue eating meat. But not everyday, and not a lot of red meat.

I think part of my problem lately is information overload. I’m certainly going to try to make the best choices I can make for myself and my family…and I’m definitely going to take into consideration some of the things I’ve read lately about the food supply. And I’m going to keep reading. I don’t want to feel like I am giving up on all this… but part of the reason is that I married a “meat & potatoes” kind of guy who basically likes to eat 5 different things, and 4 of them are meat. I can’t make 3 things for dinner every night. It’s maddening. Ahhhh marriage! But that’s just what it is… and I’m not blaming him… that’s who he is (and I picked him!).

Anyway… that’s it for this most recent update on my life and times =) Good night… and hopefully I’ll see you soon(er than 2-3 weeks).

Detox schme-tox

Detox schme-tox

I’m not one for fad diets. Hmm. I’m not one for dieting at all, come to think of it. But I’ve been thinking about doing a detox or cleanse of some kind. I’m no health expert… but I know that the fast weight loss associated with some of these cleanses/diets is not healthy or sustainable, and losing quickly and then gaining back weight quickly is also not good for you. And some doctors think it’s debatable about whether or not these things are even necessary. A co-worker of mine (who is one who planted this current curiosity in my brain) is doing this one. I was seriously thinking about doing this particular one for about five minutes. Well, maybe 10. But once I found out how long it is (uh, 21 DAYS), and how much it cost (uh, about $175), I decided to see if I could find another one that does not require, um, how shall we say… such a commitment.

So after some poking around, and some talk around the watercooler… another co-worker found this one — Kaeng Raeng. She told me she did one that was similar a couple years ago but she thought this one sounded better. So I guess that’s good enough for me. That and a 15% discount that I found on The Kind Life! I ordered it today.

Another thing I really liked about Kaeng Raeng is that they offer a 3- or 6-day cleanse in 3 different “levels”… beginner, veteran or master. I’m not sure what the level thing means, but I know I’m a 3-day beginner. I really like how the detox information is presented on the K. R. site. I’ll let you know what happens.

Meanwhile, tonight for dinner I made yummy stuffed peppers with Laura’s Lean Beef, brown rice and a load of veggies, just a touch of ricotta cheese and marinara sauce. Super yum.