July 19.

1. I’m a little tired of late. See my latest post on my primary blog: 4:30 a.m. | chicken nuggets and elmo

2. I joined Twitter. Totally addictive. I totally don’t have time for this! You can follow me here. Warning: I sometimes have late night conversations about True Blood.

3. After about a 4 month hiatus with meat, I started eating it again… but this week I’ve stopped again. I really can’t stomach it: it grosses me out. So now I am not eating meat, I’ve cut out almost all dairy, and I am trying my best to stay away from processed food and sugar. I am still eating eggs, but I have been continuing to discover yummy vegan things to eat, including these chick pea pancakes which I eat at least once a week. #trying

4. I have a zillion things to do staring me in the face and I don’t what to do first. Typical.

I need a cute bunny picture right about now. From http://www.roflzoo.com/cute-bunny.html

I need a cute bunny picture right about now… Ahhhh. Now I feel better! (From http://www.roflzoo.com/cute-bunny.html)

5. Garden: coming along great. We’ve gotten about 6-7 good cucumbers so far… tomatoes are growing but still green. Peppers haven’t come up yet. Kale died after all that crazy rain we had a few weeks ago. Lettuce is regrowing.

garden =)

garden =)

6. CSA: amazeballs. Did my work requirement which was harvesting peas on June 30. Not too hot… and though I forgot to put sunblock on the back of my neck, it was a great day.

My neck, the next day. It didn't hurt. Even though it looks like it does...

My neck, the next day. It didn’t hurt. Even though it looks like it does…

I picked peas on the farm. My phone died so I only have this picture from my work day.

I picked peas on the farm. My phone died so I only have this picture from my work day.

How is your garden growing?

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Day One of No Sugar, Again

Yeah, I haven’t stayed away from sugar yet, but today I am.

Some things I am trying to keep in mind today to help me focus on this goal for today…

I’m not back to the gym yet, but I thought this was a good slap in the face:

One of my favorite bloggers posted this the other day and it makes me want to eat raw kale (um, I don’t think I’ve ever said that):

Chop-It-Up Veggie Salad with Tahini Garlic Dressing

I was looking for a link to a tofu recipe I have in my mental recipe box that I wanted to try…I can’t find the link at the moment, but I am still looking… but I did find this tofu cooking inspiration. I do try to eat tofu at least once a week and I want to learn how to prepare it in different ways. I usually get it in my Thai food — like yesterday, I ordered Pad Kra Tiem — the sauce is light and broth-y rather than heavy, and it’s loaded with veggies (garlic, broccoli, baby corn, carrots, red bell peppers, garnished with sliced cucumber). With brown rice and steamed tofu it’s enough for a lunch and a half.

I am planning on going vegetarian for Lent again this year, but I also like to experiment with vegan and raw vegan cooking. I found this graphic and thought it was a good thing to keep in mind about all the food/nutrition sources available on a vegan diet:

Veggie or Vegan?

Veggie or Vegan?

I have to tell you… I’m not really missing meat. I haven’t had any since February 22, aka, Ash Wednesday. I am still eating some seafood here and there, but not much.

I have been going back and forth about going vegan, but vegan seems very… a lot. I want to say severe, but that seems too strong of a word. Perhaps it is just my “dairy + egg” eyes seeing the choice of a no-animal-product diet as kind of strict.

My initial goal of giving up meat was just for Lent, but I am seriously considering not going back to carnivore-town. For now, though, I think I need to practice vegetarianism day by day and see how it goes. I have actually been finding a lot of delicious sounding recipes that I want to try, including the following:

Broccoli and Goat Cheese Pizza

Vegetarian Bolognese

Spinach Artichoke Dip (though I feel like I can lighten this one up)

Smashed Potatoes

So far, so good.

I went to a formal dinner for my husband’s job last Saturday night. It was fancy-schmancy, and while I said no to the meat that was being served, I did say yes to the apple cobbler dessert. So… a tad more sugar. But I haven’t gone back to it since then. I just gotta keep moving forward…

I will workout tomorrow for the first time since I sprained my ankle, which was almost two weeks ago; it’s still swollen and bruised so we’ll do upper body. I am also planning on weighing myself (I don’t do that that often). I feel like I have a lost a few pounds…which is good!

I confess

I confess

I made oatmeal raisin cookies last night to bring into the office (ok, oatmeal raisin craisin chocolate chunk coookies). And I ate two last night. And two today.

On the minus side, I ate some sugar.

On the plus side, I really didn’t feel the urge to eat every cookie. They were small… and what I had was enough. Usually for me, the word “cookie” and “enough” are not in the same sentence.

This is a huge deal. I tested my sugar taste buds and they didn’t betray me… so this is wonderful information. I will still avoid sugar as much as possible, but I feel like it’s hold over me has weakened considerably.

In other news… I spoke my co-worker friend who is a vegan and told him about the yummy California Suncakes that I found… and we got into a discussion about how I’m vegetarian for lent and vegetarian vs. vegan. He told me if I read The Face on Your Plate: The Truth About Food and When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals my eyes would be opened about how we treat the animals we use for food. His were… I believe him.

Am I ready? Almost.