Refocusing on the clean green — and my 2012 annual report

In the last couple of months I’ve revisited my “about” page and my eating and exercise goals. I haven’t quite done what I said I would do here. I know a lot of people make fitness goals around the first of the year, and I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolution kind of person… but getting my WordPress “Annual Report” yesterday is making me think about refocusing on cleaning up my diet and finding time for regular exercise. (Here’s a link to that if you’re interested.)

Light green curry I made recently with brown rice, tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and chick peas

Light green curry I made recently with brown rice, tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and chick peas

I’ve been a bit side-tracked on the exercise bit for the last month because I was rear-ended on my way to work on Tuesday, November 27… I have to get a MRI on my neck/back to see if I have whiplash/disc damage. I’m hoping I don’t… but I can’t work out again until I find out. And…I can’t say I have been sticking to eating well most days these last two months.



Here are a couple things I’m doing to try to get back on track with my diet and exercise:

  1. I’m making an appointment with the registered dietitian at my local supermarket. I’m hoping I can come up with a 3-4 week meal plan. I’ve done this before but not recently — I think if I can have a mindset of what my meals are each day, there will be less of a chance that I will say screw it and eat whatever. This does, however, involve planning ahead, something I’ve not been so great with lately!
  2. As soon as I can get back to the gym I’m going to… I have to! I’m going to ask my doctor if there’s any kind of exercise I can do right now…
  3. I’m going to attempt to post at least once a week, probably over the weekend, with a brief eating plan and recipe links. I’ll also give a brief update of my exercise.

I’d also like to give a shout out to my top five commenters. I really appreciate your support and suggestions!

  1. Dangerously Daydreaming
  2. My friend Paula =)
  3. Rant and Roll
  4. In Her Chucks
  5. AgriGirl

~ I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year’s ~

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Hey there! Sorry for the absence. We were on vacation….

Hey there! Sorry for the absence. We were on vacation….

Not the whole time, but you know… summer time is busy. And while I was off I didn’t turn on or even touch my laptop. That was pretty awesome…

My garden has been rockin’ OUT. Here’s a peek at some of it:

Sugar Baby Watermelons are coming along nicely…. only two have grown from this plant so far, but that’s fine with me. They say they grow to 6-10 pounds… we’ll see!

My tomatoes LOOK like a hot mess, but I had to thin out the crazy and toss the vines that had no fruit in order to give the vines that did some breathing room…we did get a little rain in the last few days, including last night. I haven’t gone out yet to check them this morning but I hope they look a little happier than they do here.

When we got back from vacation I picked about 5 off the vine that were red or turning red. This is a new one starting to turn. My husband said they were delicious… I’ll have to take his word for it, since I don’t like tomatoes! Not raw ones anyway. I hope we get enough (that my husband doesn’t eat) so I can make my own sauce.

My second pepper. While we were away (for about 8 days) it grew from the size of my thumbnail to this! And there’s another little one starting. Three peppers isn’t a lot, but since this is my first year with any of this I’m thrilled.

And then there’s this. This used to be the “compost pile” we started and then realized we needed to read up on composting. We covered this one up… but then something started to grow. I think it’s cantaloupe. I don’t know if we’ll see any fruit because it can take up to 100 days to finish… and so far we do have yellow flowers but no baby melons. I read up on how I could pollinate the female flowers but I think I’ll just let it be and see what happens. I don’t think it would survive through the fall, anyway, as the soil has to be kept warm. We’ll see!

And let’s not forget the front flower bed. I had planted some begonias and marigolds… but the marigold are totally huge and starting to cover up the begonias. This pic was taken before our vacation and they are even bigger, if you can believe it. My aunt told me that she plants the shorter growing (8″) variety of marigolds between her tomatoes and veggies in her garden because bugs that like veggies don’t like marigolds. I’m trying that next year!!

Today I pick up my first CSA share in 3 weeks and I’m psyched. (While we were gone — and getting ready to leave — I gave away my share to friends. They both LOVED it and are interested in signing up next year!)

I didn’t work out “in a gym” while I was away… but I did do a lot of “pool exercise” with my 2-year-old. She now weighs about 35 lbs, and I was throwing her around the pool a number of times while we were away!

In the Elmo’s World show at Sesame Place, taking a much needed break from the heat and humidity.

And I have been fighting a cold since we’ve been back, so I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and I’ll see how I feel on Friday before I make a call about whether or not to go. I started to feel sick Sunday afternoon, after my Sunday morning workout, which consisted of cardio (elliptical and bike) and leg weight machines. I hope I can get back on track with this in the days ahead.

I’m also looking forward to getting back on track with blogging! I’ll hopefully be able to write another post about my CSA share for this week in the next day or two.

See you then!

The latest, including a sprained ankle and no meat

The latest, including a sprained ankle and no meat

So much has gone on in the last few weeks, but briefly:

Food Activism: I’ve always wondered why so many kids have food allergies today… but now I am starting to understand why. Yesterday I posted a video about Robyn O’Brien. She is a “food activist” committed to cleaning up our food supply. This whole issue frightens and enrages me! To think that the public’s health is less important than the bottom line for many of the companies that make the foods that we regularly buy and eat every day… I’m just disgusted. So when a friend forwarded this link for a petition I just had to sign it. It’s from an organization called “Just Label It!”. Their goal: make labeling of genetically engineered foods the law. Right now it isn’t, so you and I have no idea if the food we buy has been GE or contains GM ingredients. (Here’s 10 reasons to avoid GMOs, aka, genetically modified organisms.)

In looking for some more information on Just Label It! I also stumbled upon this blog: Food, Facts and Fads. The blogger is a scientist who covers a range of food-related topics, including the safety of our food supply. Pretty interesting!

2-22 Workout: When I walked in for my workout, my trainer gave me a challenge. The long and short of it: she had just won a bet by performing a rigorous workout in 10 minutes. I was only able to do a fraction of the workout in about 45 minutes… and I could barely do some of the exercises. I’m not good at push ups, especially ones on that half ball thingy. I think my trainer is in way better shape than me.

Sprained Ankle: Um, yeah. I didn’t sprain my ankle during a workout…I did it the next day, as I was leaving the house for work in the morning with my daughter in my arms.  That’s another story in itself, but you can read it about it here if you like. I finally made an appointment to see my orthopedist tomorrow. It’s been hurting for the last 12 hours or so… I’m hoping it’s just the wet weather we’re having today that’s causing it … and not something worse!

This is what it looked like Sunday, Feb. 26.

Food update: No Meat and No Sugar: Since I’ve started eating a vegetarian diet for Lent, I don’t miss meat at all. I think some of the Robyn O’Brien stuff I’ve read in the last two days is sort of helping with that. But I’m kind of enjoying finding healthy no-meat recipes and meal ideas. And while I have been eating natural sugars for the most part (found in fruits, etc.), a few not-so-natural sugars have found their way into my mouth. I had some ranch dressing at a restaurant yesterday… so I’m sure there was some in there. And after I ordered my Iced Soy Vanilla Latte at Starbucks I realized that there was sugar in the vanilla, DUH. But I have to tell you… I have just been craving dessert. So I found this recipe and I am going to make it tonight: Peanut Butter No-Bake Cheesecake. It looks amazing and I am hoping it will satisfy my hankering for… something. Just another note… while at my local health food store today I picked up one of these: a California Suncake in Chocolate Orange. A yummy vegan treat… and it DID satisfy my something craving.

Smoothies Galore: I have been making smoothies pretty regularly since I did my 3-day detox. This morning’s contained:

  • 1 scoop NST protein powder (chocolate) (This is Bally’s Health Club’s brand. It’s whey-based.)
  • 2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1 banana, frozen
  • 8-10 cherries, frozen
  • 1/4 cup fresh raspberries (appox.)
  • 1 tsp. chia seeds

so YUM

Lentil Soup: I used this SoupAddict recipe to help me put together a vegetarian version with what I had in the house. What I did have was more carrots, no celery, no mushrooms… and tomato paste instead of sauce (with 4 cups of vegetable broth and 3 cups of water), no fish sauce and no potatoes. It was still good, still filling… and delicious with a little parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Workout Wednesday: 2-15-12

Workout Wednesday: 2-15-12

… aka, “Day 7 without sugar”.

I’ve done the “sugar fast” before… but I always wind up going back. I am hoping to stay on the proverbial straight and narrow this time…Regardless: all I can is take it one day, one meal at a time.

I work out with a trainer twice a week, and Wednesday is one of my workout days since this is my work-from-home day. I take my lunch break at the gym.

Today my trainer had me do 2 circuits of 3 sets of exercises. Since my arms were still sore from last Saturday’s workout, we did the lower body.

1st circuit:

  1. 15 reps on each leg with the Butt Blaster… I don’t remember the weights for any of the sets (sometimes I don’t pay attention to this when I work out with the trainer)
  2. 20 jump squats
  3. 12 reps on each leg with the Butt Blaster (but it was heavier)
  4. 20 jump squats
  5. 10 reps on each leg with the Butt Blaster (but it was heavier still)
  6. 20 jump squats

During the second circuit I got the bright idea to have her take some photos of me exercising. Wouldn’t THAT pretty up my blog!

2nd circuit:

  1. 15 reps on a leg curl machine
  2. step ups on the leg curl bench — 15 for each leg
  3. lunges from the machine I was working on to the end of the gym and back
  4. 12 reps on a leg curl machine (with increased weight)
  5. step ups on the leg curl bench — 15 for each leg
  6. lunges
  7. 10 reps on a leg curl machine (with increased weight)
  8. step ups on the leg curl bench — 15 for each leg
  9. lunges

I have to keep my arms out when I do lunges for balance. True story.

By the time I got to this last set of lunges I was pretty tired and pretty DONE. We went over to the stretching area and she stretched out my arms and legs, and then my hour was up.

I’m always happy at the end of a workout. Uh, mostly because it’s over.

I might not look it, but I am jumping up and down inside. In a sitting-on-the-couch way.

BTW: I’m now 2 full days back on regular food, and I think bread is bothering my tummy. More on this to come…