Deciding to do a juice fast requires advance planning…

After checking my supplies (and to be honest, my willpower), I have decided to cut this short. Yeah, I’m a sucker…but we’re kind of in the middle of a blizzard and I didn’t plan this out well. I bought a bunch of organic veggies and fruit yesterday to have them in the house for the weekend, but deciding to do the 3-day fast was sort of a last minute thing. My bad.

Also… wow… I really want to eat.

Now, I’m a little hungry, not starving, but I just want to chew on something! Joe Cross talked about this in his documentary, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  And I remember feeling like this when I did the 3 day Kaeng Raeng detox last year.

But… Let’s focus on what I have done since my post earlier today:

Midday: I’m ready to make my second juice — I guess I’m a little behind because this is supposed to be the “mid-morning” juice.


I’ve made this one earlier this week, so I am going to only use 3 stalks of celery… just my preference….



This is how many oz that pile of veggies/fruit made


It looks a little frothy… but this juice is bright green and beautiful. When I made it earlier this week I didn’t have ginger, so I think adding that plus only using 3 celery stalks made this much more palatable for me.


This is when I realized I was in trouble.

This is when I realized I was in trouble.

News flash: I don’t like raw tomatoes. Uh… so… I don’t have any tomatoes in the house…. so… I skipped this juice and went right to this one:

Now this I could do... with some adjustments...

Now this I could do… with some adjustments…

I had the Kale, but no Swiss Chard… and I had the cucumber, but no clementines. This is where I was starting to think… uh, I don’t have all the stuff for this thing… anywho. So this is what I used for this one:

8 leaves of Kale, 1 cucumber, 2 oranges (one with the peel and one without), 1 celery stalk, one carrot

8 leaves of Kale, 1 cucumber, 2 oranges (one with the peel and one without), 1 celery stalk, one carrot

This juice looked beautiful.


before I mixed it all together... it looked tie-dyed or something...

before I mixed it all together… it looked tie-dyed or something…


When stirred it became a deeper green.

I thought this juice was yummy, but next time I will just put a little of the orange rind in. It was a little too much.

So I finished this last juice after 4pm. How did I feel? Ok. Not bloated or gassy, not running to the bathroom. (It’s amazing how often I feel bloated and I don’t even realize it.) I was a little hungry, even though I had been drinking 12-16 oz of water between juices.

The other juice recipes do look yummy — and I plan on trying them. I will post when I do, and I’ll of course post when I can actually do the full 3 day juice fast.

I have a whole new respect for Joe Cross right now! 60 days is no joke….

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I like hitting the snooze button.

I like hitting the snooze button.

Just 2 more weeks, please!!

And not just when it comes to getting up in the morning. I think I hit it on writing my second post… and on getting serious with eating better.

I guess you could say I had a bit of a food… relapse? a last hurrah? Something like that. I will say over the 10 days or so I’ve been half good. But that means I’ve also been half bad. I ate puffy cheese doodles. I drank some Diet Pepsi. And instead of eating a salad yesterday for lunch I ate a mini pizza. I rationalized that it wasn’t all bad because I ordered one with broccoli… and then they forgot the broccoli.

Some of the good things I did do included making a healthy dinner this past Monday: Turkey sausage, kale and brown rice. I  browned the sausage, cooked the rice according to the directions on the package, and then I simmered the washed kale in some water and seasoned it with a little salt, pepper and nutmeg. After I finished cooking the sausage I used the same pan to sauté an onion and some garlic, which I then added to the kale.

It was seriously yummy.

so good for you it's ridiculous

Kale is so good for you, and this was easy and quick to make. I forget things like this during the week if I don’t plan ahead.  I have the last of the leftovers for my lunch today — so now I can’t buckle and order something unhealthy come 1pm. I think during my lunch break I will look for some healthy recipes to make over the weekend.

Stay tuned….