Deciding to do a juice fast requires advance planning…

After checking my supplies (and to be honest, my willpower), I have decided to cut this short. Yeah, I’m a sucker…but we’re kind of in the middle of a blizzard and I didn’t plan this out well. I bought a bunch of organic veggies and fruit yesterday to have them in the house for the weekend, but deciding to do the 3-day fast was sort of a last minute thing. My bad.

Also… wow… I really want to eat.

Now, I’m a little hungry, not starving, but I just want to chew on something! Joe Cross talked about this in his documentary, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  And I remember feeling like this when I did the 3 day Kaeng Raeng detox last year.

But… Let’s focus on what I have done since my post earlier today:

Midday: I’m ready to make my second juice — I guess I’m a little behind because this is supposed to be the “mid-morning” juice.


I’ve made this one earlier this week, so I am going to only use 3 stalks of celery… just my preference….



This is how many oz that pile of veggies/fruit made


It looks a little frothy… but this juice is bright green and beautiful. When I made it earlier this week I didn’t have ginger, so I think adding that plus only using 3 celery stalks made this much more palatable for me.


This is when I realized I was in trouble.

This is when I realized I was in trouble.

News flash: I don’t like raw tomatoes. Uh… so… I don’t have any tomatoes in the house…. so… I skipped this juice and went right to this one:

Now this I could do... with some adjustments...

Now this I could do… with some adjustments…

I had the Kale, but no Swiss Chard… and I had the cucumber, but no clementines. This is where I was starting to think… uh, I don’t have all the stuff for this thing… anywho. So this is what I used for this one:

8 leaves of Kale, 1 cucumber, 2 oranges (one with the peel and one without), 1 celery stalk, one carrot

8 leaves of Kale, 1 cucumber, 2 oranges (one with the peel and one without), 1 celery stalk, one carrot

This juice looked beautiful.


before I mixed it all together... it looked tie-dyed or something...

before I mixed it all together… it looked tie-dyed or something…


When stirred it became a deeper green.

I thought this juice was yummy, but next time I will just put a little of the orange rind in. It was a little too much.

So I finished this last juice after 4pm. How did I feel? Ok. Not bloated or gassy, not running to the bathroom. (It’s amazing how often I feel bloated and I don’t even realize it.) I was a little hungry, even though I had been drinking 12-16 oz of water between juices.

The other juice recipes do look yummy — and I plan on trying them. I will post when I do, and I’ll of course post when I can actually do the full 3 day juice fast.

I have a whole new respect for Joe Cross right now! 60 days is no joke….

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Day 1 of a 3 day juice fast — “Rebooting with Joe”

I’m just gonna go for it. Even though I am hungry… I’m going to push through today.

I just made my breakfast juice after having the hot water with lemon and additional glass of water recommended.

Carrot/apple/ginger = delicious!

I found a PDF for a 3-day reboot plan here:

I found a PDF for a 3-day reboot plan here:

There is nothing like fresh carrot juice. It’s so much better than what you can buy in a store.

Note: I’m using all organic produce. Except the ginger… I didn’t see organic ginger in my supermarket.

Though I’m not doing this to lose weight, I’ll be interested to see if I do lose anything. I’ll keep you posted on that.

3 carrots, 2 apples, 1" ginger

3 carrots, 2 apples, 1″ ginger

This made about 17-18 oz of juice. My carrots were pretty big...

This made about 17-18 oz of juice. My carrots were pretty big…

It filled up a red solo cup

It filled up a red solo cup

After finishing the juice, I’m not as hungry… but I’m going to have more water as well. Hopefully this part will get easier!

I’m not sure if I will post about each juice/meal or if I will just have time to post once a day… but I will definitely take pictures of everything and post them + a description of how I feel as well.


I’m growing things.

I’m growing things.

After seeing some inspiring gardening posts, especially this one from To Be Frank and this one from Barnyard Dave, I decided to not only plant a garden this year but to actually start to grow things from actual SEEDS.

I know. Crazy, right?

What’s crazier is that it’s working!

Lots of cups

a baby cucumber

tomato beginnings

I started tomatoes, parsley and cucumbers indoors in cups. I’ll plant the carrots and peppers directly into the garden once it’s ready. Not all of my seedlings have taken, but it’s so nice to see the ones that are coming up as green little beings.

Happy gardening!

PS: Another blog that helped inspire me: Garden to Wok.