Recipe resources

The following are places I find inspiration and enlightenment — in no particular order. This list updates somewhat irregularly. You can also follow me on Pinterest … I probably update my food boards more often than this list.

I know there’s a lot of vegan sites here. I am not a vegan, but i AM attracted to many things about the this lifestyle and diet. And what better way to find new ways to cook veggies than by visiting vegan recipe sites?

I have been trying to eliminate or at least cut down on my consumption of meat/dairy for most of the past year. I’m not perfect with everything I eat but I have found that I feel physically better when I eat less meat and dairy and more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Vegan Richa

The Happy Herbivore

Happy. Healthy. Life.

The Simple Veganista

Choosing Raw

Butzi + The Bee (formerly Haute Ahimsa)

Natural Noshing

SoupAddict (more than just soup)

Fork and Beans

Post Punk Kitchen


Cooking Light

The Faux Martha

While Chasing Kids

The Happy Go Lucky Vegan

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