Refocusing on the clean green — and my 2012 annual report

In the last couple of months I’ve revisited my “about” page and my eating and exercise goals. I haven’t quite done what I said I would do here. I know a lot of people make fitness goals around the first of the year, and I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolution kind of person… but getting my WordPress “Annual Report” yesterday is making me think about refocusing on cleaning up my diet and finding time for regular exercise. (Here’s a link to that if you’re interested.)

Light green curry I made recently with brown rice, tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and chick peas

Light green curry I made recently with brown rice, tofu, carrots, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, potatoes and chick peas

I’ve been a bit side-tracked on the exercise bit for the last month because I was rear-ended on my way to work on Tuesday, November 27… I have to get a MRI on my neck/back to see if I have whiplash/disc damage. I’m hoping I don’t… but I can’t work out again until I find out. And…I can’t say I have been sticking to eating well most days these last two months.



Here are a couple things I’m doing to try to get back on track with my diet and exercise:

  1. I’m making an appointment with the registered dietitian at my local supermarket. I’m hoping I can come up with a 3-4 week meal plan. I’ve done this before but not recently — I think if I can have a mindset of what my meals are each day, there will be less of a chance that I will say screw it and eat whatever. This does, however, involve planning ahead, something I’ve not been so great with lately!
  2. As soon as I can get back to the gym I’m going to… I have to! I’m going to ask my doctor if there’s any kind of exercise I can do right now…
  3. I’m going to attempt to post at least once a week, probably over the weekend, with a brief eating plan and recipe links. I’ll also give a brief update of my exercise.

I’d also like to give a shout out to my top five commenters. I really appreciate your support and suggestions!

  1. Dangerously Daydreaming
  2. My friend Paula =)
  3. Rant and Roll
  4. In Her Chucks
  5. AgriGirl

~ I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year’s ~

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Homemade Deodorant Update

Homemade Deodorant Update

Note: I started to write this post at the end of the July but I am finally getting around to finishing it now. I saw a post over at In Her Chucks that reminded me I still hadn’t made public my little, uh, “experiment”. So here goes!

So, I finally made some deodorant, but I used this recipe, found on My Merry Messy Life. Sara at MMML made her own recipe using two others she found for inspiration.

Let me just preface the recipe by saying…. I never thought, not in a million years, this stuff would work as well as it does.

And I don’t mean “it works well for a natural deodorant”. I mean…it works better than any deodorant I have ever used.

1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cornstarch
4 tablespoons organic coconut oil
5 drops of organic Tea Tree Oil
5 drops of organic Lavender Oil

I actually wound up using a couple more drops of the last two oils (about 8ish drops of each?), and a little less coconut oil. I added the Tea Tree and Lavender oils when I finished mixing the other ingredients together. When finished it looked like this…. kind of like a thick cream:

mixing mixing mixing

The finished product… housed in a tiny Tupperware container that I keep in the bathroom.

I started using it this past Saturday and I have not had a whiff of body odor. And, now that I think of it… I don’t think I’ve even perspired as much… but this isn’t an anti-perspirant. Regardless, I think this is somewhat amazing, considering how much I sweat. I doubt I would have to find a reason to go back to any kind of commercial, chemical-laden deodorant ever again. Ever! Seriously. I’m floored by this stuff. Especially because my last deodorant, Secret Clinical Strength, scores a 5 in the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (thank you Sara at MMML for educating me!).

Update: Ok, so I’ve been using this stuff since the end of July. And I am still impressed with how well it works. I will say that it didn’t work as well for me “during that time of the month”… which, I guess, makes sense if you think about it. Hormones always screw things up, don’t they? And I will report that there have been a couple other days when it didn’t work as well as it usually does… like this past Saturday, when I was up and about all day and didn’t get home until about 11:30 pm with the family. But I’m sticking with it, as it works better than a conventional-full-of-chemicals deodorant. Additionally, I did get all the ingredients together for the other recipe I posted back in June…. just haven’t found the time to make it…. but I will soon and I will report back!

One more important note: The finished product needs to be kept in a temperature-stable environment. I made the mistake of taking the whole container with me to the gym and then afterwards leaving it in my hot car while I ran some errands. It melted and then I had to put it in the refrigerator to solidify…and then I wound up adding a bit more cornstarch and baking soda to get the consistency back to normal. If you need to take some to the gym with you, put a little bit (1/2 a teaspoon or so) in a plastic ziplock bag.