My 2013 in review, or, I have sucked at blogging this year

As anyone who has WordPress blog knows, this is the time of year we look back at our blogging activity. All I can do is apologize for being absent! Everyday Life has been very full and time flies by. I guess I’ve been trying to simplify my day-to-day and thinking about what to post has definitely fallen by the wayside — though I do still read blogs and I’m always on the lookout for healthy recipes.

I think it is so easy to get caught up in our digital society; maybe part of my absence has also been necessary for my mental health and the quieting of my inner world. I can make myself nuts with all the things I want to do; sometimes I need to slow down and just concentrate on what I have to do.

So I’m here. Not promising much… But I just wanted to check in and say hello and Happy New Year!


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July 19.

1. I’m a little tired of late. See my latest post on my primary blog: 4:30 a.m. | chicken nuggets and elmo

2. I joined Twitter. Totally addictive. I totally don’t have time for this! You can follow me here. Warning: I sometimes have late night conversations about True Blood.

3. After about a 4 month hiatus with meat, I started eating it again… but this week I’ve stopped again. I really can’t stomach it: it grosses me out. So now I am not eating meat, I’ve cut out almost all dairy, and I am trying my best to stay away from processed food and sugar. I am still eating eggs, but I have been continuing to discover yummy vegan things to eat, including these chick pea pancakes which I eat at least once a week. #trying

4. I have a zillion things to do staring me in the face and I don’t what to do first. Typical.

I need a cute bunny picture right about now. From

I need a cute bunny picture right about now… Ahhhh. Now I feel better! (From

5. Garden: coming along great. We’ve gotten about 6-7 good cucumbers so far… tomatoes are growing but still green. Peppers haven’t come up yet. Kale died after all that crazy rain we had a few weeks ago. Lettuce is regrowing.

garden =)

garden =)

6. CSA: amazeballs. Did my work requirement which was harvesting peas on June 30. Not too hot… and though I forgot to put sunblock on the back of my neck, it was a great day.

My neck, the next day. It didn't hurt. Even though it looks like it does...

My neck, the next day. It didn’t hurt. Even though it looks like it does…

I picked peas on the farm. My phone died so I only have this picture from my work day.

I picked peas on the farm. My phone died so I only have this picture from my work day.

How is your garden growing?

Currently: June 5

Chicken Nuggets and Elmo:

I’m still here! I posted this today on my other blog, Chicken Nuggets and Elmo. I’m short on time of late but not on my desire to stay connected. I hope to be posting on my CSA shares when they start next week and on my garden as it grows. Good night =)

Originally posted on chicken nuggets and elmo:

— I started to write this post twice before but didn’t have time to finish it. Yes, seriously, it’s been like 2.5 months since I’ve written anything here or on Clean. Green. Eat. Repeat. Oh well.

— My husband has been working Saturday thru Wednesday for the last 8 weeks or so… so weekends have been busy busy busy… and we’ve started to not nap regularly on the weekends… which kind of sucks. I miss my naps.

Not such a regular occurrence anymore. Sad face.

Not such a regular occurrence anymore. Sad face.

— The Jersey Shore is coming back from Hurricane Sandy … we’ve taken a few trips down to Jenkensen’s in Point Pleasant and to Seven President’s park in Long Branch. I can’t wait to take a “beach day” with my girlfriends this summer…




— The garden is in! This year I ordered non-GMO seeds online (I’ve been such a freak about GMOs in the…

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Deciding to do a juice fast requires advance planning…

After checking my supplies (and to be honest, my willpower), I have decided to cut this short. Yeah, I’m a sucker…but we’re kind of in the middle of a blizzard and I didn’t plan this out well. I bought a bunch of organic veggies and fruit yesterday to have them in the house for the weekend, but deciding to do the 3-day fast was sort of a last minute thing. My bad.

Also… wow… I really want to eat.

Now, I’m a little hungry, not starving, but I just want to chew on something! Joe Cross talked about this in his documentary, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  And I remember feeling like this when I did the 3 day Kaeng Raeng detox last year.

But… Let’s focus on what I have done since my post earlier today:

Midday: I’m ready to make my second juice — I guess I’m a little behind because this is supposed to be the “mid-morning” juice.


I’ve made this one earlier this week, so I am going to only use 3 stalks of celery… just my preference….



This is how many oz that pile of veggies/fruit made


It looks a little frothy… but this juice is bright green and beautiful. When I made it earlier this week I didn’t have ginger, so I think adding that plus only using 3 celery stalks made this much more palatable for me.


This is when I realized I was in trouble.

This is when I realized I was in trouble.

News flash: I don’t like raw tomatoes. Uh… so… I don’t have any tomatoes in the house…. so… I skipped this juice and went right to this one:

Now this I could do... with some adjustments...

Now this I could do… with some adjustments…

I had the Kale, but no Swiss Chard… and I had the cucumber, but no clementines. This is where I was starting to think… uh, I don’t have all the stuff for this thing… anywho. So this is what I used for this one:

8 leaves of Kale, 1 cucumber, 2 oranges (one with the peel and one without), 1 celery stalk, one carrot

8 leaves of Kale, 1 cucumber, 2 oranges (one with the peel and one without), 1 celery stalk, one carrot

This juice looked beautiful.


before I mixed it all together... it looked tie-dyed or something...

before I mixed it all together… it looked tie-dyed or something…


When stirred it became a deeper green.

I thought this juice was yummy, but next time I will just put a little of the orange rind in. It was a little too much.

So I finished this last juice after 4pm. How did I feel? Ok. Not bloated or gassy, not running to the bathroom. (It’s amazing how often I feel bloated and I don’t even realize it.) I was a little hungry, even though I had been drinking 12-16 oz of water between juices.

The other juice recipes do look yummy — and I plan on trying them. I will post when I do, and I’ll of course post when I can actually do the full 3 day juice fast.

I have a whole new respect for Joe Cross right now! 60 days is no joke….

Day 1 of a 3 day juice fast — “Rebooting with Joe”

I’m just gonna go for it. Even though I am hungry… I’m going to push through today.

I just made my breakfast juice after having the hot water with lemon and additional glass of water recommended.

Carrot/apple/ginger = delicious!

I found a PDF for a 3-day reboot plan here:

I found a PDF for a 3-day reboot plan here:

There is nothing like fresh carrot juice. It’s so much better than what you can buy in a store.

Note: I’m using all organic produce. Except the ginger… I didn’t see organic ginger in my supermarket.

Though I’m not doing this to lose weight, I’ll be interested to see if I do lose anything. I’ll keep you posted on that.

3 carrots, 2 apples, 1" ginger

3 carrots, 2 apples, 1″ ginger

This made about 17-18 oz of juice. My carrots were pretty big...

This made about 17-18 oz of juice. My carrots were pretty big…

It filled up a red solo cup

It filled up a red solo cup

After finishing the juice, I’m not as hungry… but I’m going to have more water as well. Hopefully this part will get easier!

I’m not sure if I will post about each juice/meal or if I will just have time to post once a day… but I will definitely take pictures of everything and post them + a description of how I feel as well.


“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”: a movie review and why I bought a juicer

A health-nutty friend of mine posted a link to this movie on Facebook. It was free to watch on hulu (and I think it still is at the time I write this). The title piqued my interest and I watched the first few minutes right then and resolved to watch the rest later that day.

I wound up staying up until 1:30 that morning to finish watching it.

And I don’t stay up to watch nuthin’.

It’s the story of how one man, Joe Cross, decided to do a 60-day juice fast in the hopes it would help him cure a skin condition (chronic urticaria), lose weight, and jump-start a more healthy lifestyle. He traveled across the U.S.A. and talked to people about their health and what it means to be healthy, and he tried to get people interested in juicing. One of the people he met was Phil Staples, a morbidly obese truck driver who suffered from the same skin condition. Joe offered to help Phil with juicing and lose the weight and get his life back… and he does.

It was very impactful and inspirational… so much so, I bought a juicer this past weekend, and I made the “Mean Green Juice” featured in the movie.


I have reported previously that I am afraid of green smoothies… and I was a little afraid of the green juice… but it was better than I thought it would be. You can find the recipe here.


Ingredients for the “Mean Green” juice



Now I’ve resolved myself to doing at least a 3 or 5 day juice fast, and Joe (the guy in the movie), has a great site set up to help you choose the right juicer and guide you through a fast.

I really felt inspired by this movie… and now I am going to make some carrot juice with apple and ginger… =)

Day One of No Sugar, Again

Yeah, I haven’t stayed away from sugar yet, but today I am.

Some things I am trying to keep in mind today to help me focus on this goal for today…

I’m not back to the gym yet, but I thought this was a good slap in the face:

One of my favorite bloggers posted this the other day and it makes me want to eat raw kale (um, I don’t think I’ve ever said that):

Chop-It-Up Veggie Salad with Tahini Garlic Dressing

I was looking for a link to a tofu recipe I have in my mental recipe box that I wanted to try…I can’t find the link at the moment, but I am still looking… but I did find this tofu cooking inspiration. I do try to eat tofu at least once a week and I want to learn how to prepare it in different ways. I usually get it in my Thai food — like yesterday, I ordered Pad Kra Tiem — the sauce is light and broth-y rather than heavy, and it’s loaded with veggies (garlic, broccoli, baby corn, carrots, red bell peppers, garnished with sliced cucumber). With brown rice and steamed tofu it’s enough for a lunch and a half.

I am planning on going vegetarian for Lent again this year, but I also like to experiment with vegan and raw vegan cooking. I found this graphic and thought it was a good thing to keep in mind about all the food/nutrition sources available on a vegan diet: