Hurricanes are bad for your sugar intake

I have been hearing from a lot of my friends that they’ve been eating like CRAP all week. Some people have had to rely on non-perishable food due to Hurricane Sandy (I live in Central NJ), and many people still don’t have power today, a full week after the storm hit.

We didn’t lose power, so I can’t blame my eating on the storm. For the most part I have managed to stay away from the Halloween candy I have yet to give out (they’ve postponed trick or treating in my town until they can finish cleaning up downed trees and power lines). But I have not been eating well, and I have not been eating enough green things. Or vegetable things.

I did, however, make a root vegetable soup on Monday the 29th, in my “I have to do something” panic before the storm hit that night (sort of a variation on this one, which I’ve made before).

soup preppin

The aftermath of the storm has been so bad that they cancelled my CSA pickup this past Thursday. Hopefully those shares were donated and didn’t go to waste, but I’m not sure.

My gym has also been closed for the last week… which also is no excuse for my lack of exercise over the last week.

I’ve just been really off lately. In a rut. And now that we just turned the clocks back there’s more darkness. I love this time of year for so many reasons but the lack of daylight is not one of them!

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon with power and gas… and hopefully I can get myself in a better frame of mind.

I think I am going to try to go without sugar for a few days too… and do another 3-day detox. I had tried to start one the week before the storm and I had to stop after less than one day because I had such an incredibly bad headache (which I think must have been me detoxing from sugar/caffeine).

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4 thoughts on “Hurricanes are bad for your sugar intake

  1. It can be really hard to keep things straight after such a huge shake up. Power, or no power, you folks have just gone through quite a knock around. Like you say, once things settle down more, it’ll be easier going.

    Good luck with the detox :)

    • Thank you Eth. I feel like I am really… I dunno… suffering from brain atrophy or something! I used to be a writer (in school)… but since I have been working in the art industry I feel like I have let the writing “part” of my brain go… much like my waistline! I feel like I can’t concentrate anymore. I know some of it is mommy head but C’MON! =) bitch bitch blah blah…..

  2. We had problems with healthy eating during the storm… spent a few days at my dad’s house because we have an electric stove at home and didn’t have power. While there, I ate stromboli, hot dogs, chili, cupcakes, donuts… I’m pretty sure I was in a dimension in which vegetables do not exist.

    Hope you make it through this nor’easter okay! By the way, that soup sounds amazing.

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