NPR reports on “Pink Slime” … and Beautifully Green Broccoli Sformato

It wasn’t my intention to just post links when I started this blog, but I was so happy to hear this story on NPR last week as I drove in to work — not because I’m thrilled to hear more about what’s really in our food supply, but because with more mainstream media reports there will be more awareness and (hopefully) more outrage about what’s really in the meat carnivores consume.

I was also happy to sign the anti-BPA petition Robyn O’Brien linked to in her story, “8 Ways You Can Avoid Chemicals In A Can.”

In other news, I made the time this past weekend to make something new: Beautiful Broccoli Sformato. I don’t know why I was so drawn to this recipe… though the photo on foodbuzz looked fricken amazing!!

Finally took out those ramekins I got at my bridal shower. I KNEW THEY WOULD COME IN HANDY SOME DAY!!!

I did make a few slight adjustments… mostly because I had cooked the broccoli before I started to read the recipe! So instead of cooking it vegetable broth, I just blanched it and drained it.

And I kind of eyeballed the amount of onions…I don’t usually measure out 2 oz of anything. But I followed the rest of it pretty much to a T… except I did NOT taste the filling before cooking to see if it needed salt and pepper. (Who tastes anything with raw egg in it?? Not me, especially not after I had read about this woman.)

grease the inside of the ramekins with a little butter and sprinkle the breadcrumbs inside, covering the entire interior

First mix: broccoli, broth, onion and 2 ounces of ricotta cheese

Whisking the eggs and béchamel sauce together

Eggs + béchamel sauce are blended with the initial broccoli mixture... and then the 1/4 cup of reserved broccoli buds are gently blended in for texture

Pour finished mixture into prepped ramekins... which are in a glass baking dish... then pour 1 inch of boiling water into the glass dish

The finished product

Anywho. These turned out awesome. The only thing I would do is 1. add a little more ricotta and 2. add a little more salt and pepper before the final mix. I probably added about an eighth of a teaspoon of each seasoning; it definitely needs more. I just sprinkled a little salt on top of mine. It was a delicate flavor…very tasty.

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4 thoughts on “NPR reports on “Pink Slime” … and Beautifully Green Broccoli Sformato

  1. Ok. Were u sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to chime in?! Lol! Although that recipie looks awesome, of you are bothered by meat and what’s actually in it (as I am) I have to BEG you to get Forks Over Knives from Netflix or check The China Study out of the library. Butter and bechamel = blech. Coconut oil and almond milk might work. Maybe I’ll try. I have wedding shower ramekins too that have hardly seen the light of day!!! Lol!

    • Of course I was! I knew you would. I will check those things out… Forks Over Knives IS on my to do list already. Although I did use regular butter in this recipe, I do have some Best Life Buttery Spread on hand. Next time I would try that…I would also try it with almond milk. Might not be totally the same but I would check it out for sure! I always follow the recipe the first time so I know what it’s supposed to taste like.. then I can try substituting so I can compare. Ya know?? Otherwise it was all good stuff, right? I used cage-free organic eggs!

    • You’re welcome, I hope you enjoy it! It’s the kind of recipe that’s quick, but there’s no downtime…you gotta constantly be doing something. A little more work than I would normally do for an appetizer… but they were super yummy. When I make them again I plan on doubling the recipe…

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