Veggie or Vegan?

I have to tell you… I’m not really missing meat. I haven’t had any since February 22, aka, Ash Wednesday. I am still eating some seafood here and there, but not much.

I have been going back and forth about going vegan, but vegan seems very… a lot. I want to say severe, but that seems too strong of a word. Perhaps it is just my “dairy + egg” eyes seeing the choice of a no-animal-product diet as kind of strict.

My initial goal of giving up meat was just for Lent, but I am seriously considering not going back to carnivore-town. For now, though, I think I need to practice vegetarianism day by day and see how it goes. I have actually been finding a lot of delicious sounding recipes that I want to try, including the following:

Broccoli and Goat Cheese Pizza

Vegetarian Bolognese

Spinach Artichoke Dip (though I feel like I can lighten this one up)

Smashed Potatoes

So far, so good.

I went to a formal dinner for my husband’s job last Saturday night. It was fancy-schmancy, and while I said no to the meat that was being served, I did say yes to the apple cobbler dessert. So… a tad more sugar. But I haven’t gone back to it since then. I just gotta keep moving forward…

I will workout tomorrow for the first time since I sprained my ankle, which was almost two weeks ago; it’s still swollen and bruised so we’ll do upper body. I am also planning on weighing myself (I don’t do that that often). I feel like I have a lost a few pounds…which is good!

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4 thoughts on “Veggie or Vegan?

    • I know, I know. It’s not the milk, it’s the cheese. I’m making the switch to non-dairy “dairy” slowly…. it’s not like I eat cheese every day, even. It’s just making that transition, and I am also trying to avoid soy, so I need to find non-dairy non-soy “dairy”… does that even make sense?? =D

  1. Way to go! I could understand it being hard to do a vegan diet. It’s a challenge to eat out sometimes – I have a similar struggle since I’m gluten-free.
    As for the dairy stuff, you could always try for a few weeks and see how goes. If you end up feeling even better then it might be worth going that way. I’m lactose-intolerant but I still do a bit of cheese and yogurt here and there – whenever I cut out the dairy though I feel so much better so I’m thinking of doing the same.

    • I know, I debate about it. I want to try some dairy-free cheeses… I’ve been reading about “nut cheeses” but I don’t know where to get them! Maybe Whole Foods or another health food store. I’ll have to check! I know how bad cheese is… but it’s the one thing that keeps me going back to dairy.

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