Ketchup and Workout Saturday: 2-18-12

I still haven’t had any sugar. Today is day 13.

Though… I will confess that on for breakfast on Sunday, 2-19, I had ketchup with my eggs. Heinz classic, to be exact. I happened to look at the label and I was amazed.


High fructose corn syrup is the 3rd ingredient and corn syrup is the 4th??? This is on the standard Heinz Ketchup. The nutritional label says there is only 4g of sugar per serving. I thought I remembered that there was an organic or low sugar version of the ketchup. “Simply Heinz™” doesn’t have any added sugar, so I might have to try that one, since their “organic” ketchup contains organic sugar. They do also have a “reduced sugar” ketchup, but that one contains sucralose. I don’t want any sucralose in my ketchup. I guess it just goes to show you that any kind of processed food — be it a frozen dinner or just your everyday Heinz Ketchup — can contain sugars of which you weren’t aware. I just found this blog post with an article about the whole ketchup/sugar thing. It’s about a year and a half old but I think it’s still relevant.

So, back to Saturday’s workout: more legs.

I thought my trainer would give me a little bit of a break on legs since we’d worked those on Wednesday. Nope.

Saturday she had me doing step ups, push ups, and more lunges.

Usually when I do step ups at the gym with my trainer, she has me do them on one of those Steps they use for step aerobics, and usually 3 of the adjustable blocks to make the step taller. I was not so lucky this week.

She had me do them on a bench in the gym. A very tall bench. I mean, I’m tall (5′ 10″), but this bench kicked my ass. I need to measure the difference so you can appreciate my ass-kickedness.

I did 3 sets of this:

1. stepping up on the bench with my right leg, I had to swing my left leg forward and kick. Then I brought my left leg down, then back up, but then I had to swing my left leg to the back. This was the 1st and 2nd “kicks” in the set… I had to do 20.

2. 15 Push ups. On the bench. With her telling me, “go down lower! And keep your butt down!”

3. lunges from the bench to the end of the gym and back. The bench is located near the front of the gym, so this meant a lot of lunges. I counted: 28 each way… for a total of 54 for one set (so that would be 162 effin lunges in total).

My trainer took these pics. Like my pink socks? Yeah, I gotta do whites. I’m sure she was also yelling at me to keep my butt down while she took the push ups picture. I think she forgot to take a lunge photo. But I think you remember what that looks like. Thank God there wasn’t time to do anything else. My legs felt like rubber bands after all those lunges.

As far as food goes…

My trainer had suggested when I first started seeing her to cut out carbs after 5 pm. When I did this I did see results (this goes for the carbs in fruit, too). I’ve strayed from this and need to get back to it.

I’ve also decided to go vegetarian for Lent. That should be a bit of a challenge, but I’m kind of excited about it! Ash Wednesday is the day after tomorrow, so there’s just one more day of meat for me. I’ve been looking for new veggie recipes and I found this one on Natural Noshing: Chickpea and Paneer Stew. It looks yummy, and I have so been in the mood for Indian food of late!

PS: As far as bread and my tummy goes… I don’t know. I have had a little bread of late, including with dinner tonight and I don’t think I really felt anything negative from it. But I’m keeping my eye on it. And I still intend on getting tested for celiac when I have my next physical.

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